Sunday, April 20, 2008

my week

me, sue, cinema...

i would not say that the past week has been really special or mundane, still high on island life.. bit broke(mcm tak biasa) but this week seems special in a way. humm lets look back at what went on..
on tuesday after reaching kl i went out and caught KL Drift with sue, yelar nak kene interview farid kamil jgn buat giler nanti tak tau nak tanya apa hah nak taknye lagi naye... well i would not comment on the movie as it might be your cup of tea but it was not mine and to be politically correct to everyone out there i wont comment on it.. the next day i finally meet Farid Kamil. yes i meet the dude in the flesh siap duduk peluk bantal bersama-sama di celebrity chat.. hahahaha.. he seems like a nice guy, very ambitious which i guess is good.. right after the show received a phone call from a production house who invited me for an audition right there and there to read for their main lead in a malay telemovie... i tried my level best to be the character that they were looking for and according to the director last friday that i scored the role but then me being me till i see the contract or confirm with the producer i do not want to jingx it yet.. pray for me ya guys...
it is now more house shopping and renovation time within the family again as bro, sis and me visited the home expo in midvalley... wahh ada hati nak beli blind 4 ribu.. hahahaha anyways my room should start construction soon... i think would it be worthwhile for me to spend so much money on this room.. i look at it as an investment or shall i say repaying my brothers kind deed in having me live with him all this year i guess with no choice.. hahahaha...
ohh ohh i have to mention this, lock the short film that i did acted for rueben won the astro thing.. and yes i am happy for rueben looks like a lawsuit shall land on mitchs hands if he does not clean up his act in getting my contract done soon... im off for another audition tomorrow hope that would be good and work out.. im kinda tired gonna go sleep now.. night all..


Anonymous said...

did u know kwang hwa.
the winner in R.A.P
why didnt write about that competition??

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...


i did bawak balik cuppacakes okay.

but by now its in my perut.

sekian laporan keji saya untuk hari ini. muahahahahaha.