Wednesday, May 02, 2007

i did something really wrong

i dont like how i feel currently.... i did something really bad and wrong.... i should not have done such a thing.... it is so low of me.... but i didnt know how else to do such a thing... in the situation tht i am in... i am sorry... i know im not suppose to and i know how selfish i am being... but i just cant help it... i really needed the help but i dont know to bark at which direction.... if say i do bark would people hear my call.... would people notice....i dont know and i dont think i am ready to know as sometimes the truth hurts..... i promise i will stop one day and i will repent... but as for now i needed to and i wanted to... its eating me and it hurts but guess i would just have to live with it for now.... i know, YOU know how it hurts me to do so.. please i need YOU now to help me get thru... please dont abandon me....

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