Thursday, May 17, 2007


my official entree at the age of 26... 26 is an odd figure really... its neither here nor there... hummm... some what like how i am feeling now.
im leaving for jb tomorrow for bout a 5 days... i am sure that it will be ultra boring to an extream of no return hahahahahahahaha.... unless of course i make it colorful... but then how much colorful can i make it to be? jb is so small and so limiting that its really sickening...
i wonder how can any normal person survive jb? or am i the weird one out ... hummmm
anyhow... im gonna try to make the best out of the situation...
i am 26


sasha said...

happy birthday! texted you. not sure if you received it. called several times not sure if you noticed. anyway, glad you're feeling better. talk to you soon.

Farah said...

You're twice as awesome as your age.

Happy birthday Baki!!

Erra said...

happy birthday

my friends, riz, got me to watch nasi lemak dina ... i saw you!