Wednesday, June 24, 2009

oh man hectic hectic but im liking it..

huhuhu its 5.58am now and i just reached home from a KFC shoot for TVC that should be hitting the tv stations soon insyaallah.. the shoot was really tiring. i had to act with my eyes closed which now i also found out that im a bit cacat that i could not fully shut my eyes without making a conciose effort hummm .. cacatkan.. my sparing patner for this ad is an old friend of mine wai hong yup after so long of not seeing him finally we get to star in an ad together syukur..
this ad also marks my come back to the world of tvc's after my last job which was the streamyx blue hyppo and ironicly my director for this ad is also the same director for the same blue hyppo ad that i shot about more than 7 years ago.. alhamdullilah and insyallah i hope to get more chances to do commercials as in a way everything is shot within the given time and you really have to push boundries to be able to deliver to that little stage of yours..
the best part of it all was that from long long ago i have told myself that one day i woud get to work with the great Alex Eu. well for you guys out there who does not know him, he is make up guru to the celebrities, fashion host and 1 of kl's top socialites.. and today alhamdullilah i had the pleasure of having Alex do my make up. when i got to the shoot venue i saw him and i got star struck and knew at that moment that one of my wishes from long before is gonna come true and sure enough Alex waved his magic on me. he is so down to earth and such a sweetheart. woowww no air at all but 1 could still feel his aura and presence.. the shoot was a night shoot and till the wee hours just know Alex was still calm and compose and that really increased my respect towards him.

Baki zainal with Alex Eu.. thanks Alex for making Baki Zainal look good in the KFC Shoot.

in a couple of hours time i would have to be in Celebrity Chat studios with my guest Dynaz n Bunkface and soon after i have shoots and stuff already lined up for the week to keep me busy.. which in a way i am really greatful for.. syukur.. its a hectic schedual and i am liking it. i hope it does continue as i want to work and challenge myself as to see myself soar to greater highs.. ok then guys am going off now catch you guys later.. sesungguhnya baki zainal sayang kamu

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