Sunday, June 28, 2009

the day that yoou wished to find RM10 on the floor..

Baki Zainal (Amir), Kee Kee n Abg Rama (Sharukh khan) at the meet the fans session.

A lot happened yesterday, it was a fun packed exciting day and i had lots of fun not forgetting the hiccups in the middle.. well where shall i start ya.. hummm ok lets start from the top.. 1st highlight on my agenda was of course the meet the fans session with the cast of Mr Siao's Mandarin Class.. ohh man that was fun packed all my class mates made it for the event which was really cool.. we had soo much fun and i hope everyone that came to show us their love and support had fun.. thank you.. well i'll continue on soon .. just too tired.. will sambung soon.

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