Tuesday, February 03, 2009

banana leaf, lions club, starbucks and more

Blame not the drunkard you who wine eschew , if i had grace i would have abstain like you, but mark me you vounting zealots , you create a thousand worse sins than drunkards do..
by Omar Khayam..
i saw this piece of news in todays Harian Metro and i was kinda disturbed in many ways than 1.. why? well for one i am an honorary lion for the lions club of ipoh metro.. and at the same time i am muslim.. does that make me a bad muslim????
you see for the past years i have been hearing about how the lions club is jew associated.. but how true is that i do not know... if they are funding the gaza war i do not know.. but i can tell you what i know thou.. the lions club and the leo clubs has been contributing not just to charities but most important of them lot to the development of the youth and their growth.. i have seen so many leos out there who by being apart of this club improved themselves in many ways than 1 and have leadership installed in them even so at such a young age.. they learn how to organize, they learn how to lead, they learn how to appreciate friendship and most of all they learn humanity.. i have been involved in many of their activities and i have yet seen a session where we are to bow the zionism or follow those rights and ideology that at this moment is bombing and killing many innocent lifes in gaza... infact many of them as i am typing away is trying to think of ways and methods to raise funds and help those in need in gaza...
yang paling ironicnya as i am typing away while i am sipping my mango passion fruit frap those that makes Baki Zainal less of a muslim and among all less of a human being?
its so easy for us to dish and to kutuk and mark people when we see fit.. does that make us a better person? rather than being busy in worrying who to ban and who no to be friends with why dont we come together and figure out how could we help those that are in need... protest like these will not help that poor child who has just lost her family, her home and even a chance of survival.... please lar people enough is enough rather than pointing fingers lets take action.. theres a Forum for Palestine going on this thursday in kl.. that i really think we should go and support if your in town. the cover charge is RM50 and proceeds will all be channeled to the Gaza fund.. log on to WWW.CRIMINALISEWAR.COM to find out more...

aduiii... stresss .. lari topic sekejap.. im sharing with you guys another food journey of my families that we took the other day... it was our banana leaf day... yumm yummm.. all 10 of us were in Paandi's PJ and we had a beautiful Kari Rice Session... yumm yummm
well you guys could say that my family are big eaters... well we enjoy life and we enjoy each others company...see if you could spot any familiar faces.....