Thursday, February 12, 2009

off smoking clowns, work and suprises

hahahaha scary huh.. seeing a clown of such manner can only happen in nightmares or some kinky party hosted by the "playboy" mansion... hahahaha well actually this picture was taken during my trip down to johore for work.. it was a photo shoot done by the ever talented Alan Thoo.. yes yes.. but no lar the shoot did not involve the clown having a ciggie.. it was more of a wholesome shoot.. this picture was taken by me during the breaks.. i shall inform you guys bout the project soon enough..
its been a hectic, good week or soo as you could see i still had time to goof around while i was traveling all over for Shanghai nite project hosted by DiGi and managed and coordinated by Eventplus.. the shows that brought me to 5 different states was a blast and was alot of fun.. yelar mana pernah eventplus buat event yang bosan kan.. huhhh..many things are taking its place for the year.. projects have been lined up.. shoots are on their way and soon i might even be in an "istana budaya" production.. lets keep our fingers crossed.. Alhamdullillah...
i shall be in ipoh this weekend to celebrate Anderson Schools 100 year anniversary.. its a big concert featuring many local celebrities such as Dina, Diddy, Suki and Azizi.. siapa lagi host dia kalau bukan baki zainal.. cayarlar.. yang best dan mengerunkan is that the sultan of perak shall be gracing the event.. and my only concern currently is what am i gonna wear kahh kahh kahh kahh.. yelar i would want to look my best lar kan..
i have tonight off so as usual its time to catch up with the home front so here i am in starbucks blogging away while the 4 kiddos are in kumon.. miss them soo much.. i have also nailed down which canon camera that i want.. and yes soon insyaallah its mine...masa tue hahhh this blog shall be full with pictures take by me.. hahahahahahahaha.. ok gonna sign off now.. catch you peeps later..

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