Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Raya, Raya and more Raya

finally im back after spending 6 days in JB. yes can you believe it? i think that has been the longest ever time i have spent in JB after moving up to KL 15 years ago. cewah macam tanggal lar pulak. raya this year is kinda like any other raya.. the spending and the eating and the merry making and of course the clawing opps did i say clawing okay that was not meant to be leaked out so i'll just stop at that... ok let the journey begin.

(thats me of course with my muse and mum telling herself that we should have just fly)

we started the journey with so much energy. the boys were all about how sempit it is sitting in the honda (yes yes i know i should get my truck already) while their little complains keep my brother awake behind the wheels, it kinda drove my mother up the wall.. while we were driving fatso of course had to complain that he was hungry so we had to stop in seremban to get him KFC

(thats smelly passing out after smelling fatso's lunch)

it was a really long drive since there was many cars heading down south. but we finally made it. we stop in Pontian at mak langs place for berbuka and by golly the spread was fantastic.. we were served ribs soup, satay, prawns and crab in chilly, and many different types of desert plus fresh home grown fruits.. it was like going for one of those buffets but only better and the best part it was free.. but then to redeem ourselves abg og and i helped pak lang with his pelita around the house ( jgn main main pak lang aku sekarang dah jadi imam masjid so giler busy tak lama lagi jadi YB lar tue.) hahahhaha.. with a full belly we headed off to jb.. the last day of puasa was a frenzy of shopping, airports, deco and saloon.. (ohh ohh before i forget i found this treasure in JB. its a saloon called PROSOM and they have baki zainals official thumbs up for service, workmanship, deco and i shall grant it best saloon in JB award.. its located in Jalan Serampang in Taman Pelangi. go and check it out if you guys are in JB. tak sia sia.. lain kali aku blog pasalnyo.).. (pagi pagi raya baki zainal beraya ditangga rumah aunty asmah bersama keluarga)

then came the said raya, 3 days of raya in jb had its ups and downs.. but at the end of the day i enjoyed it.. it was the coming together as a family putting aside differences and disagreements for that few days makes hari raya like other family orientated festivals special (nasib baik jb mempunyai a few starbucks yang telah menyelamatkan situasi and my sanity..). ohh Alan and Simon stopped by the house in jb on the 3rd day of Raya which was kinda sweet..( yg best tue when mama heard alan was coming sebeban nenas dia potong).
old relations were rekindled, new relations were formed... but i guess i came out of all this with better patients (trust me my patients was really being put to the test) but overall i would have to say i enjoyed it.. and now with the whole fiasco over i cant wait to be in full gear and force to start work again..

(mother and me in green, very eco friendly)

ok peeps im gonna sign off now.. you guys have another good 1 month of syawal (or what ever thats left of it) and yes i shall inform if there is an open house happening k.. chao all.


Elly said...

starbucks...my sanctuary my home...kesian my laling..pergi starbucks sorang2 ..next time i teman. ehh when we gonna do lunch


millymin said...

When laa am I gonna see you again? Havent seen you long time now. By the way, Happy Raya! *huggies*