Friday, October 17, 2008

sir i give you "happy ending"

with such a big buddha in the back ground well it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that i was in Thailand, phuket to be exact..
thanks to eventplus marketing and my abang alan yes, i had an brilliant time basking in the sun and experiencing an island that i have heard many mix reactions from different people who has visited the place.. i would have to say thou my first day there i wonder how could one fall in love with such a commercialized touristy island that was over populated with sex bars and tattoo parlors? yes guys that was my first impression of the island.. but then while i explored the island i realized that it had its own charm... one that only by mixing with the locals and exploring the nature that would make anybody fall in love with this pearl that lays on the andaman sea.. one person that i know off that has decided to live there with the man of her dreams is simone.. i was so happy to see her relaxed and finally being happy and feeling serene.. ben and her showed me a less touristy side of phuket that made me change my views on the island..thanks guys..simone and ben the lovely couple..

i guess im lucky to be able to see past all the massage parlors, gay bars and go-go shows.. cause theres soo much to see and do in phuket.. beautiful scenery, colorful wet markets, smaller islands, magnificent temples awaits you besides the normal high priced tourist traps..

the temple roof at wat cha long

even so its a "happy ending" that your looking for, dont forget to look beyond and experience this colorful island.. im sure i will return one day.. heck returning for just a full body massage is already a good reason..

allrite peeps enough bout thailand.. im going to bed now and shall be dreaming of that azure blue sea.. nite all

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