Monday, October 20, 2008

im a man of color

i have been back for the past few days and my fellow friends who saw me knew that i have just been to a beach some where as i am back to being tan. but people who are not really close to me would give me remarks as "OMG your so dark".. "how to sell now".. "what happened?"
you see i believe that a man should have some color to his skin.. y? because i think if a person is too pale then he looks very sickly.. i mean fair enough if you were born pale like julian moore or ewan or who daniel cliff( they can never get a tan they would just turn red and burn like a lobster)
nice color

no no.. too pale

i feel that when a guy has a bit of color or shall i say tan, it says alot about him as a person. confident, worldly, out going and etc.. i know it sounds as if im stereotyping currently but thats just it.. some people goes to great extends to get a tan, some even pay big money to get a fake tan which i cant understand y, with the money spent on the fake spray tan might as well fly off to some beautiful beach cause with having low cost flight such as firefly and air asia its cheaper to go for these short holidays and get a tan rather than having to stand in a cubicle in those cheap paper undies being sprayed with color that would wash off after your 5th shower and above all it cost a bomb (my friend told me so)..

this is my current color i know bit too dark but i like

im happy with my current color.. cause i feel healthier, confident and raring to go.. most of all i feel sexy and beautiful hahahahahahaha.. i know i know one mans poison is the other mans medicine.. hahhhhh i hope this color is gonna last me for a month or so so at least i could save up some more and off again to another beach for some tanning session... im blessed life has been good.. thank you... aite peeps im going to bed now nite all.

p/s: thanks elly for inviting me to the open house, it gave me a chance to catch up with the guys.. muahhh miss all of you much..

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