Thursday, October 16, 2008

i dont kow where to start

i just got back from the sunny island of phuket... and now i dont know where to start.. coz there seems to be many things on my mind that i would want to pen down... humm i think let me start with "P.I.H" the drama.. P.I.H stands for Phuket international hospital... yes yes.. its not a group tour to the hospital guys.. and no i was not admitted this time around.. ok let me begin at the start..
it was our last day there and we had our final land tour which was to go around phuket town and see the sights on land.. and all of the sudden shikin felt discomfort in her abdominal area.. thus cutting the story short we rushed her to the nearby hospital..

thats simon and me at the hospital.
after much communication break down, which until today i still cant understand as the hospital that we went to was called Phuket international hospital at the same time was also built specially for Farangs.. the amount of staff that could understand basic english was near to zero.. it was really frustrating cause here we have to be at the airport in the next 3 hours and yet they could not understand us. so here was poor shikin being wheeled over from one department to the other medical department.. but finally after few scans and 2 different doctors opinion (one that could understand and speak english) she was diagnosed with appendix yes she had to go into surgery within the next 3 hours or else.. well lets not go there..

no enter when red light is on..

well then of course the whole discussion, planning and call had to be done as to save poor shikins life..and yes although there was hesitance on the family side.. we made the final call and shikin then went in for surgery.. ( sebenarnya there is so much more i nak tulis tapi yelar kemungkinan ia akan mengaibkan orang lain so dari itu the juicy parts shall then be cut out of this entry)
cheryl comforting shikin (alar alar ER)

well shikin is now safely recovering in phuket and above all this i walk out learning something.. i guess i am really lucky to have my family and of course my dear friends (you know who you are) who i am sure would one way or the other drop everything and be by my side when i really need them by me.. thank you.. alhamdullilah syukur..

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