Friday, May 16, 2008

lets close account ...

there it is
our little playground

sun setting on my rod

i cant believe how time fly.. it seems like i have just recently stepped back into this arena and yet its already a year since i last blew my candle at the age of 26.. yes i am now 27. you heard me right 27..
sitting in the middle of no where above waves and sea breeze that brings with it memories of yester years was just the prefect setting for me to live my last minutes of being 26.. yes some people would tell me whats the difference its just another birthday.. but then when you look back what you had done and achieved within this given year you would know what i mean..
many lost and many won, many came, gone and many stayed but above it all i would have to say that i lead a happy enriching year this 26.. i did everything i wanted without hesitation. i am me and i thank those who had, have and shall stand next to me. and above all i thank HIM for all this.. thank you..

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