Tuesday, May 13, 2008


deal or no deal : razif, shamser, me, non, jo b, rina, vick teo

dr oz shall be proud of me..

its been fairly mundane yet interesting 2 weeks for me, has it been 2 weeks since i last wrote? oh man that sucks like big time. ive been trying really hard in getting back into the mod of writing but then theres nothing that inspires me to write.. well anyways lets get on with it..
i got a chance to play deal or no deal, can you believe it? i was on a game show yeah!! its not my first(roda impian). ok i cant still find an explanation for this but then even so i have been infront of the camera hundreds of times having the lights on me and the camera zooming in and out but then i was a nervous wreck yes i was.. giler wei tangan basah basah dan sejuk coz of the tension and fear that got into me all of the sudden, yang bestnya tue i was not even playing for me.. i was playing for charity as it was a celebrity edition.. cayarlar tak aleh aleh aku dah jadi celeb.. masin mulut sharen hahahaha.. walaupun i did not get to the suitcase round tetapi sekurang kurangnya i managed to not look stupid on air as i got one answer right thanks to AL Gore hahahahahaah..
this month is a bit of a tight month financially, well its not really tight but i could not suka suka membeli belah lar kan.. tapi sambil menunggu abang deen in parade, kakiku pun membawa diri ini menuju ke MPH dan hendak dibuatkan cerita jeng jeng jeng i bought 2 new book (even so there are like 5 more books tha i have yet to read sitting patiently on my shelf.) ha, one of the book i bought because of oprah.. its by doctor oz and its called "you on diet" wahh ini case must haves yang teramat chronic.. just because i was on oprah i have to have a copy lar kan... the next one is called "attack of the theater people" wahh pedas ini topic.. yes yes i bought it just by looking at the tittle tanpa soal siasat latar belakang terus ku angkat.. i guess it was the memory of the night where i went and caught Swamp Dwellers bersama rakan rakan.. hahh and the conversation after that was what triggered me to get this book and evaluate.. tapi now come to think about it i dont feel like i am a theater person, i now feel more like a by stander looking into the theater world and trying to make sense to what the issue is all about and dalam kegamatan dunia persembahan ini mungkin boleh diselesaikan dengan cara yang lebih simple dan effective cayarlar tak aleh aleh baki zainal berfalsafah... entah lar labu...
tapikan im sure this coming second half of the year akan lebih menarik tertarik kau memang the bomb.. huhu.. all right all 3 more days b'day i soo ingat ingat lar yer.. cantik menarik tertarik i memang the bomb huhu.. nite all

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