Saturday, May 17, 2008

im now 27

its not the gift that counts but then hey its a bonus if your loved and showered with quality..

i don't really like birthdays, i mean i dont mind other peoples birthday but not really mine.. well one major reason is that i get all emotionally worked up as in i get really touched by those who remembers and gets all murky by those who forgets... i know i should not feel that way but i cant help it..
this years birthday is no different really... but then above it all i saw something this year and i figured out many things with the passing of my birthday..
being in this industry has always been a challenge for me be it work but most importantly emotionally challenging... its such a lonely job where if you are not a part of it you would never understand... but today i no longer feel that way as i found family among it and i found people that in many ways than one sees me for who i am.. and i appreciate that. thank you.
but above all to everyone that has made this day so wonderful thank you...

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