Monday, May 19, 2008

chanel allure homme edition blance

yum yumm i love the smell and the bottles mine.. all mine...

its been 3 days since my birthday.. yes i am 27.. i had initial plans to bring the family out for dinner coz today, everyone is at home..but then at the photo shoot i received a phone call from kak anja saying that uda and family were gonna come over for dinner thus we have to postpone my birthday dinner.. i was kinda upset cause i waited for sometime since my birthday for everyone to be around.. everyone that matters really which are mummy, abang og and kak anja and here comes the punch line jeng jeng jeng i cant have it tonight.. but then i told myself look lets just suck it in and go with the flow.. i could still do it tomorrow.
when i got home my 3 boys were acting funny(ok they are funny but as in weird funny)and i kinda felt something was amiss hummm.. could not really put my finger on it...and then i finally found out after bribing the young one that there is a birthday cake and that theres a whole lot more people coming over for dinner tonight.. dear lord i was really ashamed.. aduhh malu banget gue...
ok long story cut short i pulled thru the night after cake and a lovely classy present from abang og and kak anja (thanks guys i love you) and i walked away feeling whole and knowing that i am really lucky to be who i am and having the best of all worlds and .... i cant stop but to be grateful.. thank you.. thank you .. thank you.

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