Tuesday, January 08, 2008

we gettin old hummm

and shogun very filling lar!! no buffet yeah right!!
its been really long
our day trip to mauritius
sempat posing!!!

its been really sometime since i last hanged out with the girls and here i mean sharen and sue.. ohh i miss them alot really.. we had a real nice bbq dinner by the beach in "mauritius" complete with live band and the works.. i kinda forgot that comfortable feeling that i once had the feeling of never being fearful of pulling up that warm fuzzy tattered blanket... but that feeling regains its self instantly without having to do one of those straining "effective memory exercises "i miss them really" hahahah... sometimes i wonder why am i so caught up in seeking approval in many ways.. being it friendship, career and life by general.. i guess that freedome is really a good feeling.
we chat the night away catching up on bits and pieces that we have missed out in each others life and many little moments that makes it so special.. we found out and came to a conclusion that each one of us have mellowed down in many ways hahahahaha lets not get into that. the small things and prints that only friends that have been there for you thru everything would be able to see.. we made a pack to at least catch up once every month and the dates been set hahahaha.. i mean thinking about it again is just joyful that i cant stand yet to smile and savour this moment..
no matter how long and who comes and goes there would always be those that lingers longer.. standing there and closely listening even so they might seem far away.. but they have never left our side.. haaaahhhhhhhhhhhh... thank you..

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