Friday, January 18, 2008

sms now

ok . ok i think the reason that im gonna give now for why i have not been writing is extreamly lame.. hummm.. yes coz i have no pictures to put up really.. no good ones ohh baki dont lie i have just not been taking any picture or eveidence towards my daily life since the begining of this year... why humm thats an interesting question really.. i guess at all honesty i dont really fancy the starting of this year.. for one my fate is now on the line.. hahahaha that actually sounds really really freaky.. well lets just wait maybe soon enough when i feel much better and not that fat i would start to take pictures again..
recently theres this whole huha about the interactive games and sms competitions around and how people that have not yet won and spent money on it have been complaining and claiming it to be a full fraud and scam.. ok with all honesty it threads on that very thin line really hahahaha. but yeah in the first place why why take part if you think that its a fraud and that the show is just out there to make a fast buck out of you.. and funny enough these people do not stop and learn from their mistakes.. can you believe the way they have been bitching towards the local daily.. its just sad.. grow up people... stop that..
ohh man many things have been happening around me lately and well yeah i guess theres not many that is worth me ranting on about.. but i guessas i have always looked at it lets take things slow..
im off to host battle of the bands tomorrow, then wift off to penang and later jb.. more travelling this month but yeah a man has got to do what a man has to do.. ok now you all im off to bed till then baki zainal signing off

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