Tuesday, January 29, 2008

OMG.. hahahahaha

oh my god.. someone just posted an article for a homebased emaker thing that my mom was intereviewd for as one of the mothers of the year some where in 2000 or so... man that article has been really long and well you could say that as all or most articles some of the information on the article has been fabricated to add upon that feel that mama had a very hard life..
i mean yeah mama went thru heartache, mama did have a hard time bringing me up and yes she does deserve the tittle of mother of the year.. my mother is not perfect but i love her to bits as she has always been there for me..
i have not seen megat for the longest time and last night i finally got to see him and it was really something catching up.. we really caught up as both of us stayed up till past 6am hahahahaha heck after drinks having mcdonalds as breakfast... i cant get over the look on megats face when i drove his new car which was a stick hahaha he could not believe his eyes..oh man i missed him.. ok fine i am sentimental and i know that this is gonna come out sounding wrong but then at the same time i really love and missed people who has seen me as me and has support me in being me and has never changed from that.. they are who i keep close.
im leaving for melaka tomorrow for a day trip as theres work in melaka. then thursday is another whirlwind in all aspect.. i dont even know if i could make it to farina's birthday do.. have a feeling that it is gonna be a big do.. and im kinda not into meeting people currently. just feel like staying in my little cocoon and not move.. yeah as megat said last night i have so many people around me and yet the voices that i hear is quite faint in many ways...
i am looking forward for kota kinabalu this weekend i am crossing my fingers and every inch that i could cross i need the beach fast and soon... but till then ill just have to chill for the time being and relax.. i love life.. thank you.

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