Friday, September 28, 2007


man oh man ... this week has been a very bad week.. first i kinda lost a job ... then i lost a parking ticket which i then found again in the car... and tonite kinda topped the cherry on the surface.. i met up with an accident.. yes, i crashed into another car...ok, 1st of all i would have to say that its not really my fault as 1. i was not on the phone
2i was not speeding,
3, i was focused
what happened was that 3 cars infront of me went on emergency break as they were coming down a slop and i was right behind the last car. then after breaking the car slided down the slop and yes i bangged the car infront of me.. only that the car infront of me was not damaged as he only has like a few calar here but the car that i was driving which was abg ein's car kinda really am in bad condition as half of the front part was just smashed into half.. yes.. that was how it was..
Far and clyde came to my rescue before mama and kak anja arrived and they saw me thru the whole making of the police report and then to the workshop and all.. thanks guys . and so now i kinda like wondering is it a signal from Him did i do something wrong which i think i did... but what ever it is i am going to take it as a warning from Him that i should not just take His gifts for granted and be thankful and show Him my gratitude.. ok guys thats enough for tonight i need to calm myself i shall see you all soon. thanks ya.


sasha said...

lesen kopi ke bang? i knew it! =)

Ruby said...

Hope you okay now.Take care yah Baki. *hugz*