Thursday, December 06, 2007

im back

Man, who says thai guys are small?
morning in berinchang
ahoy!! me captain..

ok.. i know i know i have sinned for not even taking the consideration or even the initiative of writing anything in here...honestly besides not having the time to be honest i didnt have the need or urge... is it becoz i am more happy with meself and life or is it becoz i am just fazed out by the idea of bitching to an empty page who would not talk back? oh please talking bout no feedback we humans are soo much more advanced and clever in that field arent we i should know hahahaha..
i guess it would have to be that i have learned to take things to stride... spend time and effort on towards things and people that matters and not drain myself towards negetive fields and really supprise to upon taking such steps and commitment..hahahaha.. evident enough by the 3 pictures above that potrays the simple and short timescape of a short visit of baki zainal's life..i shall be versitile.. i shall shine and i shall out beat .. look out world...

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