Sunday, September 02, 2007

long time no see

sarawak cultural village post rainforest music fest

the munchkins sending me off to the airport
farins wedding in johor recently picture of ma and me
sri and me clubbing in penang
the fairy wells or the 7 wells in langkawi

my oh my look how time flies .. and yes i know i have sinned as i have not post anything on this page for like ages and ages long hahahahaha yes i have finally found my breathing space for the time being...i cant count how lucky i am being able to capture priceless moments and travel to places that i never would have imagined i would step on and see things and experience life on a level that is just soo alive.... the amount of points that i have accumulate on my enrich card is just like wow and all that was just done within the 3 months that i have been in DCT ..the aknowlagement ... someone once told me that i have to know myself worth and it felt strange and akward at first coz it felt as if i was putting on airs but then i came to realise that its not airs bbut that is how much i am worth and why i shouldnt at anytime look down on myself anymore...i believe that why HE has always been there for me is to show me what i am really worth ... thank you.... these 3 months would always be with me ... i am slowing my pace for the time being as i believe that HE has something bigger installed for me thus i shall wait and see... ok guys i am gonna take a rest now and shall try to catch up with you all soon..

baki zainal

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