Monday, June 11, 2007


Ok ... i know i know this sounds like a sin ... i should not be falling in love with ipoh ... but currently i cant help it ..... i mean i am not going all yaya about it bout some where there i liked it ... i guess its the crowd and of course the people that i meet, the places that i chilled at and the new experience that i gained ... well the spa was one not to forget hahahaha .... thank god the guys were there with me ... it was like something that came out from a bad 80's hongkie gangster flick ... ahahahahaha as ah tuck said all we need now are tatoo's hahahahaha .... the feeling of being there was just weird .... it was "clean" fun but with a hummm naughty pinch to it...
drinking buddies made and found ..... richard with his teh tarik and PS with her chocolate blended ...... ohh ohh going to do a bit of sales pitch here... situated somewhere in Greentown Ipoh, theres this nice little place called 'Shayo De Vin'.... it is stocked with a wide exstensive range of beers, liquor, spirit and wines.... according to some very realible source it is so much cheaper than KL( of course it is everywhere is... opppsssss i tell a lie. Johore) the music that they play there is just right... from the 60's to the 80's hahahahaha... we hanged there 2 nites in a row... it felt really good having friends around chatting away while sipping on port... hahahahhaha ok thats enough descriptions hahahahaha...
well alls well that end well.... ipoh was just great ... making a pit stop at home..
nite babes

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