Friday, November 24, 2006

i am free

it feels so liberating that i do not need to walk tip toed as if this road of mine is path with a thousand small pieces of egg shells all waiting just to break as i step onto it anymore.. today i set things straight.. i finally managed to take a breather.. its so liberating....
it was also music to my ear to hear that i have been not even sad that it ended this way..
i am now on this quest and on this journey that might just make me or break me.. i would definately squel and shout and run towards the mountain as i embrace this reality but then i guess thats where family comes in, people that i care about.. people that would be there standing and hold out their hands when they see me falling.. its hard to find people like that these days.. the ones that i still have i keep near my heart the ones that changed i cant do much to salvage that as there is just soo much that one could do.. i miss you and i guess you know who you are.. as your not the same person i know before and the oath that you once took which now you choose to break,, i forgive you...i guess i am at fault too.. its funny that idealistic world we choose to create. i'll stand back and smile just as long as you are happy, then i shall be happy too..
i guess its no turning back now.. no matter what people say this is my path..
i choose.. and this is the road and path that i shall take..

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Anonymous said...

Best wishes for the journey ahead babe. *hug* Ice cream soon... maybe this Tue?