Sunday, December 27, 2009

Recalling 2009

it is such a rare occasion for me to be awake at 7.30am after a nites out with my kor kor and the kids. well yes hahahahaha you do not need to adjust your screens and its not a typo error.. i am currently snuggled in bed in a hotel room in penang blogging at 7.30am.. but one thing i can assure you that my entree might still not be whimsically sensible even at such a clear state of mind. since i am already fresh at such hour i tot i might as well recall what 2009 means to me... before i begin again i apologize for if any of my rants on this entree might offend any of you..

2009 has been a major roller coaster ride in many forms, health, career, wealth (not that i am now a millionaire) growth, family and relationships.
this year opened with a slow and steady mode. it started with everything going on sepia mode (like that makes any sense, but heck its so early in the morning and that line sounds cool so bare with me hahahahahaha) with everything moving along yet not so clearly formed... my best friend settled down late last year early this year, which is something really beautiful yet at the same time something that i had to adjust to.. career wise was still as per norm shows here and there then a hiatus that i took in order to assist in the form of someone Else's dream .. alhamdullilah.. that is taking shape slowly but surely.. a big chunk of reality and emotional wealth was lost in the form of my papa's house as the maintenance and up keeping was just too taxing for us to bear.. then came the month of april where in a blink of an eye my career took on a journey that still feels like a one way ticketed roller speed train ride just minus not having freddy mecury and elton john on board.. i got a chance to travel and see a bigger picture of a country that has always puzzled me 'China'. one of the many working trips that i could never forget.. being able to use my gift and finding my purpose as a khalif's on HIS beautiful land subhanallah.. it makes me feel how small of a dot i am on HIS magnificent blueprint..

of course how could i forget the chance of being a part of a big family called "Mr Siao's Mandarin Class". working with such talents and divest personalities. you'll be glad to know that the 2nd season is in pre production mode and surely soon my reality will be that of Amir's.

being joined by like minded people to give a voice to a cause that truly lays deep in my heart. Malaysian Celebrities Go Green. insyallah.. this will be a never ending journey.

now reaching the end of the year (figure of speech as we are left with only a few days to go) i have been given an awesome end of the year gift in the form of "Step Forward" or 橫行8道。one experience that i yet could conclude my feelings towards as its a colorful rainbow of excitement, anxiety and maximum usage of sunscreen.

my personal life does not loose in luster to my current carrier growth.. with the cancer scare, getting H1N1 and nearly being hitched off to a distant indonesian relative hahahahaha yes drama... this year really taught me the meaning of loyalty, family and friendship.. with such a hectic schedule and non existence of personal time i see a clearer picture. they say friends come and go in life but those who decides to linger are keepers well i agree.. i cannot stop but to marvel at how lucky i am to constantly have such beautiful people in terms of family and friends around me to keep me sane or insane in my case. each one of them energizing me every time i drain myself off my emotional wealth. i wont mention names you know who you are.. to you i say 'I LOVE YOU' &"THANK YOU".

of course how can i recall this year without acknowledging the fact of the lost of such beautiful people who one way or the other has inspired all of us. today i refuse to spell their names out as one way or the other i prefer to keep them alive by seeing the good and the beautiful creations that they have created around us..

2009 has been a kind year to Baki Zainal. it has been a year that i could look back and say i enjoyed this year. alhamdullilah ..syukur... i am starting next year with a beautiful sunny note as i will be away for a week of work in the beautiful islands of simpadan.. but for now i am gonna end this entry with a full thank you to those who have made this year and life time a good one for me

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erin wong said...

hu hu hu.

i lub u tooooo..!!

Unknown said...

tgh tgk mandarin class mmg best.

aprianto gagah said...

haii,,,? yur blog veri vantastic,,,, nice to meet you... sent beck I have your friend....? oke from aprianto