Wednesday, April 29, 2009

i know what i want for me birthday.. very tak malu kan

syukur.. for the past weeks or so many new things have came to play and have excited me and sememangnya baki zainal sungguh terharu and i feel really grateful..
siapa sangka with all this going along i am to set to higher places and sore thru deeper sea's .. i cant wait for mongolia and china but above all this i belive that everyone is a messenger and there must be a reason why he want me to do this.. ohh tapi sebelum itu i have found exactly what i want for my birthday.. its an ipod touch 32g which is currently retailing at rm1600.. yup i knw bit take malu but then hello sure 1 way or the other i'll get it.. insyaallah.. dapt jam pun best jugak.. arghh semua lar i nak.. eh jangan bongkak and and sombong..


Alan Thoo said...

u say like that what if you get 10 on your birthday? kan banyak owg sayang kat baki zainal? haw haw haw haw

Stylisters said...

oi kalau dapat 10 bak mai sini satu la weyh.

Stylisters said...

lah aku salah account.


apsal hang tak mai review aku lagi?