Wednesday, April 15, 2009

when drinking water think of its source

the celebrity chat family.. theres baki zainal, pin joo, shue ting and the rest of the gang..
baki zainal with the cast of nie hao mr siao

its half an hour to 5am and i am still awake.. go figure.. and still i have to meet up with my sponsors at 1030am for a briefing about an event that i shall be hosting next week.. alhamdulillah..
even in between this busy life and hectic situations that i have decided to take upon myself 1 way or the other i still see the silver lining in between.. what would happen to me if i one day wake up and found out that the love of my life (at the moment tak de lar kan but please read carefully what if) got engage with someone else and the world knows it before i even get to sniff it, or what if my future wedding plans might just end there when my partner sniffed out somethings wrong with this relationship? in many ways than the other i come back to the safety zone that my life however screwed up certain situation can get is not as bad.. masha allah.. HE works in so many wonders that we cannot for tell.. would i be able to stand as strong as i am today? would i be able to take such knowledge and pain in such stride.. it difficult really to say would 1 would do when faced with the task and challenges that HE decides to test us with.... 1 thing i could safely say is that i would not give up and pick up after i have finish feeling sorry for myself..
at this point i am happy and ever grateful at how things have turned out in terms of my career and life path.. syukur.. and i am striving to make it work better for me.. please hear me i know YOU are there.. experiencing so many different things this past months has set me apart and make me into a soo much stronger person.. and with backing from mama, family and of course friends i am not afraid to strive..thank you..
i guess without these people and without the energy and support that they give me i would have wilted away much sooner than i could have imagine.. " when drinking water think of its source" in many ways than one makes alot of sense.. i would not be here at this moment climbing if it wasnt because of these people and HIS help.. anytime i feel trap.. i take a sip of water and thinking of the place and moments on how the water gets to me makes me realize how lucky i am..
tonight at 9pm the show that i have been striving for and the cause for the massive eye bags and dark circle will finally come alive at 9pm on ntv 7.. i cant wait to see it together on big screen.. the projects lined up is also many reasons for me to rejoice in.. syukur