Friday, April 03, 2009

amir's diary . nie hao mr siao

Starbucks, JCO and coke is what keeps us moving for the past 13 days
baki zainal with ka hoe and mahesh from the amazing Talentime
baki zainal and cindy a.k.a Ms Q
baki zainal and auguste kwan
nie hao mr siao, baki zainal, steve yap, yi ling, rama and auguste kwan

its 3am and i am morbidly blogging.. i should be in bed as i need to be in the studio at 9am but then i had a chat with my director just now which 1 way or the other left me thinking..
its hard really acting.. specially comedy.. i should know i had chris jacobs teaching me before.. the whole momentum and sync between character, actor and director.. am i giving enough as an actor? am i truthful as a character? am i being directed? these questions may seem to be easy to answer but then when 1 look deeper its still the whole story of chicken or the egg... days like these make me want to go back to the drawing board.. its easy to blame fellow actors, script or situation for the short cuts that an actor makes but truth be told is that the actual story? we are nearing the end of shooting the first season of mr siao and yet amir has yet to reach puberty. rushing him thru that process within the next few eps might just throw the others off... aiyohh dilema..... i really hope this project sees 2nd, 3rd and 4th season and insyallah i shall still be wanted to play this character as i would want to walk him thru maturity.. im blessed to be given such chance .. syukur