Friday, September 19, 2008

off fasting, ups and downs and the power of now.

just random pictures i love this 1 with renee

thats my kor kor Alan Thoo, zenny and ashraf

its the 18th day in the fasting month and i be golly its been really hot of past and yes guys sorry have not updated my blog nor have i been online as there was a bit of a cock up when it came to the internet connections at home..
wowww there has been many things happening of late, ups and downs..mostly downs these couple of days .. i guess its just His way of testing me i dont know.. i have been feeling really crummy off late with the whole industry and my whole carrier currently.. where is it taking me? i am lucky that i have jobs and i have a bit of talent or even just mere luck that there are still people out there who would want me.. but then at times i cant help to resent the whole idea that i lose some jobs just because i am not pan asian or a half cast.. am i being sour? i dont know. should i be sour? i dont know.. it saddens me that the industry is build as such.. i dont blame my fellow pan asian looking friends its not their fault entirely.. its the market out there that sculpt it that way.. when will our people grow up and look at talent rather than just mere looks of being pan asian.. you know what i dont even want to go down this road cause the more i discuss about it i might just put my foot in my mouth..
but however and what ever it is i am still grateful and thankful for what that has been bestowed to me.. i have a job that i love.. a carrier that i am building.. family to care for me.. friends to support me.. so whatever been put fourth i shall face it as i am living in the "now"

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zEnNy said...

thxn for everything baki....ur my closest fren....i'm so grateful to hav a fren lyk u ...dun much...k...him k...u ask me to ....not to worree...but i noe u actualli very worr3....k..take care u ..