Monday, September 22, 2008

i know i know i should be asleep

recent events.

the cast of Alam's story on celebrity chat..

i have been having the bug for the past 2 days.. thank god that today was not as bad.. i have an event to host 2morow which i have to wake up at 9 am for and i am still fresh and awake.. why? humm only if i had the answer.. its the final few days of puasa and alhamdullilah everything been running fine.. dear lord need to take time and the effort to renew my passport before next month aiyohhh..
the future seems bright but bleak at the same time, irony of it all is that i see it and yet my fingers seems not to be able to touch it.. does touching it gives me a sense of assurance? its hard wanting to live the moment and let whatever will be will be when you feel as if your losing grip.. i guess its that time of the year.. ahhhh... cant wait to bask in the sun again... i keep telling myself to live in the "now" live in the "now".. but that "want" is soo strong.. i guess i have to keep my cool and just let it slide first.. a big wave will come soon.. i could feel it.. i know it. night all.

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