Wednesday, December 26, 2007

merry chirstmas

ice cream in winter
it is freezing cold, who's idea was this
mama and me on top of the world

ok, its been e real roller coster ride for me this couple of days.. my room mate jingx tied the knot hahaha which means among the boys i am the only one left on the hook hahahaha am i rushing i dont know infact i dont even want to think about it yet.. why? well simple as it that i guess that aint my focus yet.. hummm its been really hectic and i took a weeks break and just lazed and hanged and pigged out in jb and let loose ok no not how i really wanted too but yeah i just but a stand still and hold on the other stuff speacially when it came to work.. and i guess its really hard for me now to want to pick things up again and continue what i have left behind recently.. have many things installed for the upcoming year and many wonderful plans that i would want to make come true but at this present time and moment i could just pray and wish that it would happen soon not later hahahaha
its coming to the end for 2007... recalling it started with some bumpy notes.. well i am gonna leave the summing up of the year later since there are still a couple of days to go... till then im baki zainal signing off..