Friday, May 25, 2012

Naik belon yo

Feeling odd as I'm typing this I'm actually on board a flight to Kk for a show. Yes. We just took off  half an hour ago and yes usually I would be asleep by now but I am hungry. I have yet to eat anything since last nite. Infact I have yet to even have my vitamins. Well for the pass how many hours that has passed today its been a roller coaster ride, I was at the hospital with mama this morning well I slept on that hard chair the whole nite thru really. Leaving my mama at the hospital after her eye operation I got news just a while before leaving that she is good tO go home. Yeay! Music To my ears. But then that kinda catapulted everything into another mess as I had to proceed with all the necessary check out procedures. Leaving me no time thus I am on this flight with a change of clothes and only brushed teeth. In another sentence I have yet to shower. I hope people in Kk would love me still.  If you guys would have realized eh eh eh why the sudden many odd entries into this blog space which has been barren for the past many months. It's because I have found a way of writing really. I realized I am only best when I am spontaneous in hosting I mean. So why not try in terms of writing. Hopefully I don't give anyone a headache. Plus another awesome fact being my awesome kor kor bought me an iPad 3 thus writing everywhere i could is possible. I love the screen n definitely the key pad. Aite will post this up once I touch down. Talk to you guys soon.


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