Friday, May 25, 2012

I am seated on a very hard of those that you would properbly see at the bilik guru when we were in our younger days. Well I know mine was like this. Trying really hard to fall asleep. Wht am I talking about my eyes are already half close just that my ass is telling my brain that its starting to loose all sense of feel. Back to where I am. It's really difficult to stay focus with this stand fan blowing at me specially right smack straight into my face. Keep telling myself move u idiot, but truthfully I wish I could. But the plug point for my iPad is not near enough. Back to where I am. I am now typing on my new iPad 3 that alan got for me for my birthday. Baki zainal back to the topic I am now in HKL baby seating my cute little mother. Oh man my eyes are heavy. Ok I promise I'll update tomorrow nite youlls