Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Last Advice

I was in my managers apartment last night in Penang, looking into a blank half typed opening to an entree to my blog and my mind was just a total piece of blankness.. i did not know what i wanted to write. I had so much running in my mind prior to that blank moment. but now after gathering my tots after everything that happened i know what i want to write about.. its my last advice..
it seems like a morbid topic to talk about at this time of the moment really but incidents, books i have read and people i have met inspired me to scribble this down.. What would your last advice be? what have you learned? what would be the legacy that you want to leave behind?
Last weekend i was in Kota Kinabalu for a fairy tale wedding of a dear friend of mine. The Wedding was just perfect that it looked like one of those Hallmark moments that you see on Astro. Beach wedding, beautiful bride, handsome groom, family people all around, bride shedding tears of happiness as she laughs for joy... it was just beautiful. the couple met some what a year ago in Shang Hai. Malaysian girl, French guy met and fell in love in China. the festivities ran till late night. everybody went home happy and full of love and hope.. well i guess that hope is real.. many dont know this but 2 years ago at the same venue. this said friend , my manager and i went there for drinks and my friend said that she would want to find "the" man and have her wedding at this same paticular venue.. and fast forward to last weekend it happened...
then today i met the humble, low profile, talented young singer Aizat who was of course the last AJL winner. he told me a story of how when he was in school and it was career day and everybody was given a blank card to write down a profession or what they wanted to be when they grow up. aizat said everybody else started to write down their ambition as usual you have the doctor, lawyer, engineer etc and he was the only person who drew a stick figure holding a gitar and mic. and below he wrote rock star. since the days of AF this boy struck everyone with his beautiful voice. but at that time he did not look like Rock Star material because he was Fat. but that never stopped him from believing and pushing himself further to be the performer that he wants to be. now Aizat has an AJL trophy, slimmed down soo much and is one of those talented young performers to look out for...
this last story might be familiar to some of you... but i feel i need to include this in since hey its my blog.. when i was a kid, i was a pudgy kid. then when i hit puberty i was still a pudgy kid whos face was hit badly by a meteor shower. i'm sure many out there could relate to that feeling of just wanting to hide away from everybody else cause honestly who wants to be friends with you if you looked like freddie gruggers second cousin twice removed.. i would then get bullied, teased at that there are times where i would rather take a longer route so that i could avoid seeing the cool kids as everytime passing next to them just kills more confidence.. then i found a remedy for all that i became the class joker, who would crack stupid jokes about my own self and condition. while all this was happening, i lived in a fantasy made believe world and in that world it was ok to be pudgy, pimple infested and not popular and most important part of it all i imagined that this pudgy, pizza faced boy had his own tv show and people would praise him for his work.... i still kept believing.. one day when i was 18 i got accepted into UITM to study Mass Communications.. i was so glad as i tot hey maybe this world is not that cruel and yeah maybe people would just be able to see across my pimple infested face..while in a car pool journey some one shatterd what was left of the hope that i had.. by saying have i seen my self in the mirror before? i dont look like any of the people on screen and that i wont make it so why dont i just dont waste time.. i still can recall that exact moment how hot my eyes felt as i held back those tears.. but that didnt stop me i pushed on and even so it took 10 years... i have a talk show, an extreamly cool adventure travel log and a high rating sitcom under my belt.
.. alhamdullilah..
by putting these 3 stories together i know what advice i would want to give so here goes "live today as if its your last day, love and forgive. show and tell the people you love how much they mean to you. forgive everyone for all wrong they have done or might do. but above all never ever give up dreaming.. if you believe hard enough it will come thru and when it does give thanks to everyone who has directly or indirectly help make it a reality."
its so much easier to write it out then saying it verbally but in any case i dont see another second this would be my last advice.... insyallah..


Anonymous said...

salam.i always dream if i can speak english u

Amar Delon said...

Wow.. And i thought i was the only one who had to go through that. But through it all you stayed humble my friend, am proud of you- Amar Delon

Unknown said... nice..i'll support you alwaz baki..keep it on..:)))

Heather said...

oh babe! love, love, hugs, hugs. you're the ultimate inspiration of hope and 'never to give up dreaming' too, you know?