Monday, May 04, 2009

i had a dream2

Baki's new baby just a couple of hours old.. i wonder what to name her..
Dina feels that with this baki zainal will be able to get paris hilton
cheryl, alan and simon telah menyampaikan hajat baki zainal

Last night was my 2nd birthday celebration this year and yes my birthday is only on the 16th but then syukur ramai yang sayang saya thus last night after a whole day of fun with sharen and sue i went to join Alan as he celebrated my birthday along with the celebriteens and suprise suprise my cousin Dina...
and jeng jeng jeng i got what i have been wanting for the past few months but tot that it was tad bit too much self indulging an ipod touch 32g... yes thanks to alan, cheryl and simon.. i love you guys.. i finally got it and im sure for the next couple of nights i wont be sleeping.. but at least i know that i wont be alone in china no more... dina gave me Paris hilton for men.. huh at first i was bit skeptical but then i am growing to like it.... thanks coz..
hari nie pula my baby came yes my 308 is finally here.. i am off to a meeting ... we talk later.. alhamdullillah..

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DEx Jky said...

halo,baki,i havent seen u 4 a long time,hw 2 u do?