Thursday, July 12, 2007


my princess
see you in sarawak
recording time

ok.. i am now in sarawak... it feels like a foreign land man... its soo laid back... my idea of going to BAKO had to be postpone as i had to fly back to kl yesterday but that not going to come in between me and the rainforest music fest man... i shall be going no matter what... its kinda funny having to fly in and out... hahahahahaaha feels like im jet setting here and there... shall try to meet up with farin here in kuching... it would be soo wrong man if i miss out in meeting him here...anyways... i miss kl and miss family but then hey i have to keep strong and go for it.. my future shall be my first goal now... but then hummm... ok im not going down that road again... well have soo much work to do... i dont even know if i could do the play anymore... infact for all our benefits i might just have to drop it now and get things on the roll and not let the others wait for me... its really not fair....ok then i have got to go now... have someother major stuff to finish... my god even in a hotel room i dont have time... hahahahahahahahaah


ruby said...

Baki,add oil!! ^.^


millymin said...

Miss ya tonnes!!