Tuesday, March 15, 2011

its been a year. Happy Birthday Ma!!

i cant believe how fast time flies, its been a year since since i took over hosting Step Forward. how i remembered well lets just say that the same time last year something happened on the set of Step Forward that change my views on life. oh ya before i forget HaPPy Birtday Puan Zainah Hassan. my mother officially turns 66 yrs old today (cant believe she wanted a meat grinder for her birthday present) i love you mom :)
looking back at the whole 1 year of fully submerging myself into mainstream tv has been a journey on its own with numerous ups and downs. mostly ups alhamdulillah. i'm really thankful really.. subhanallah i would have never imagined..
well peeps i wanna try video blogging soon. hopefully in the very near future i could try it out coz if tomorrow things works out i will be video blogging from a different country all together.. crossing my fingers and praying hard.. gotta go now. selamat mlm semua..


me_cnor said...

i really enjoy watching step forward..no new season eh? 1 episod i like the most is when u go to kelantan n making 'bata atap'..i`m from klatan n that`s the first time i saw how they made it...laughing entire show..n the best part is u do it chinese..gud luck in whatever you do..

Ainim Rashihah said...

i love when abg baki host a mandaring prog and speak in chinese so fluent. proud la ngan abg baki.. teach me mandarin please

rayfungmiza said...

its been a year???wow??i din even expect that!!!!u know what baki,because step forward and 8TV NITE LIVE,i become ur fan!!!i followed ur twitter,fb,and now ur blog!!!among all the new season step forward,the most that i love is the one that u try to make belacan,making the bowl and coffe!!!ur are amazing!baki adalah selebriti melayu kebanggaan saya biarpun anda lebih berbahasa cina!!nevermind!!!one malaysia!!!