Wednesday, February 09, 2011

midnite ramblings

its 3.30am just took my anti viral and good old faithful Piriton.. im down with the pox yes i am.. ive been under strict house arrest for the pass 5 days so yes i caught up on Glee, much deprived drugged induced sleep and the awkward malaysian tele that i have grown to be a part off now..
if your thinking by the end of this entree your gonna benefit out off my ramblings then i assure you to not waste anymore time coz your better off drooling infront of the tele while watching Nigella stirring her chocolates into her cake batter.
i realized that i have not been updating for a couple of months now infact my last entree was somewhat late last year. hiding behind the reasons of being busy (well i have been) but rather limp excuse really. well then lets just start this year entree with something dear. you see theres been predictions that this year would not be that kind to me (hmm sounding bingo there with the pox and all) some even predict gravely dangers. but frankly i have been vacuumed into the same idea.. i dont know really.. lets just see.. whatever it is i wont let the jester hand me a snake when in actual fact i deserve a royal flush.

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miss zizie said...

keep on updating this blog :)