Monday, March 19, 2007


My body is in pain….. help hahahahahaha….i sat in the sun too long by the beach “fishing”. It was an extremely calming experience…but then now since my skin is burned I guess it’s a price that I have to pay…oh man I think I have had too many holidays within the given 3 months of 2007…that I am constantly in a holiday mood and am just figuring where to go next…everything has to be done in moderation but I guess moderation does not fit into my dictionary…
Guess what I did not even have time to click away on the camera…. I was so busy fishing that I forgot all about saving some memories on still…but just being there among the waves, looking out into the horizon with a rod within your strong grip holding it erect so that any vibrations from the rod could be felt. Waiting, waiting patiently while your mind leaves itself blank and like a sponge soaking in every sensation that could be felt while the sun bless you with its warm rays… and when the rod rocks and you tighten your grip and reels it home while your victim puts up a fight and pulling forth as you pull back, while finally you get to see the results is just amazing….
Being there and looking out into the horizon I cant stop to feel tiny compared to his other creations…realizing that within seconds I could just be swallowed and without realization never have existed…. Life is just too short and precious I guess for us to pay attention to pity little things mind you not details put pity little things that we fight about on a day to day basis…neglecting people that we love and care and sometimes because of the big E swallowing certain emotions that we would have wanted them to know…. Is it really worth it? I guess I don’t have the answer and the feeling of not constantly having the answer is bliss… not having to know…. For you guys who are reading this I MISS YOU…THANK YOU…. I APPRECIATE YOU… YOU ARE CHERISHED…. YOU ARE LOVED.
I don’t want to create the same mistake again….
Hahahahaha funny how I just wanted to scribble on my adventures to pahang… arghhh… allrite guys till then.


bopower said...

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Anonymous said...

My god... Fishing has certainly turned into ur latest obsession! *lol*

Miss ya much babes *hugs* n congrats on London!!!