Thursday, March 22, 2007

Big Ben

on the 19th i received an email confirming my trip to london some where end of the year... the best thing is that i would be working along side people from the SOHO theater company in london huhuhuh... i would not create the same mistake that i did with NYFA last year... this time around i am going so help me GOD.
Watching the program that i help build growing and receiving really good viewership just makes me grin from side to side... one cant stop to feel proud but i shall not gloat at it... but downside of this job is that paychecks come in big but late... down to my last RM2 hummm how am i to survive? lets just see.
oh ya bit of self indulgence today on my blog my skin is starting to peel... soo sad i look extreamly ugly if the elephant man was to go againnts me in a beauty pageant i'll loose thumb down(as if thats something different) hahahahahahahaha allrite nite nite all


G said...

Hmmm, some of them scally white british guys arent half bad ..... hmmmmmmm


sigh wish i could've auditioned :(

I cehcked again, pretty strict on age limit, since this was suppose to be some YOUTH exchange thing anwyays :p


crap ... i'm not in that category anymore.


Anonymous said...

Congrats...! *hugs*